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P-Direkt is the foremost innovative HR service provider of and for the Dutch government. It ensures that more than 120,000 public servants can arrange their individual employment matters and requirement as much as possible. Varying from absence leave to salary; ranging between employment commencement and reorganisation issues.


The agile principle adopted by P-Direkt is its basis for its standing out as a modern, efficient, reliable and directly accessible HR-shared service center. What is required in the first place is upgrading of the existing payroll accounting department to make it less complicated. Next, the existing solution for privacy-sensitive employment processes and files must be securely translated into a new in-house solution. And P-Direkt must be available to all national authorities by way of an access solution. The question was the following: How to ensure improved efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the HR-related information management system? Not in the last place as this is expected to conform to the demands imposed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


By early 2007 payroll accounting was already supported by Documentum. So we had been involved as a dedicated partner in this system. Now we were once more asked for advice. We proposed an extension of the existing platform. So, in addition to upgrading this information backbone for unstructured content we also proposed to support the HR-processes by means of flexible case management applications with excellent records regarding user experience and conforming to the core values as had been formulated.

We started by performing a process analysis. This analysis provided the basis for improvement of the process flows. Next, in collaboration with the Product Owners, a so-called Business Blueprint (BBP) was prepared. A BBP is a document in which the functional wishes and requirements regarding the application are laid down. Then we produced and presented designs (Mock-ups), portraying the definitive look of the new release with its required flexibility, logic, privacy and security features. Plus another important complementary requirement: the user interface was expected to match the national government’s adopted design. Upgrade and migration were delivered in phases, using Documentum and its xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) and our in-house Metadata Publishing Tool. We also created a connection with the SAP-HR system currently in operation.

All HR-processes used for getting a good picture of employees were realised on the basis of change management. Ranging from standard to in-house processes and back. Like the P-Direkt app, the electronic personnel file and the P-Direkt portal linked up with the government’s internet umbrella, containing information about employment terms and conditions.

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    The focused Documentum xCP has made the HR-services provided even more efficient, effective and proven. This saves the government considerable sums of money on an annual basis, also as a result of lower personnel costs and a reduced administrative effort. also as a result of lower personnel costs and a reduced administrative effort. And as we know so much about continually changing HR-processes, several of our consultants still operate here on a daily basis. Last not least, our solutions are also deployed with other government partners, like the inland revenue service.

    Arjan Schaaf

    “My compliments for the unique expertise and dedication of the Informed Group consultants. They really sink their teeth into projects and won’t let go until the desired result has been achieved.”

    CIO at P-Direkt


    Bestuursdienst Amsterdam

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