The governing organisations in our country, such as central and local governments, play a significant role in our lives. The decisions they make have an impact on our daily lives. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have all information organised to ensure that the governance processes run smoothly. Informed Group supports governments through our systems and the combination of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) and Low-Code.

Verouderde processen

Outdated Processes

Voting on proposals at municipalities or ministries often still involves raising hands or using voting cards. Although this method ensures transparency, the process could be much faster and more efficient. Additionally, many governments currently use outdated and/or hard to navigate information management systems. These systems must remain secure and allow people to easily access important information. To achieve this, it is important to work with a partner who makes navigating these systems easy and at the same time ensuring security.

IIM and Low-Code Combined

To promote systems and governance processes, you need the combination of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) and Low-Code. IIM enables you to manage large amounts of data well and securely. Low-Code complements IIM perfectly by making this data accessible through user-friendly applications. For both solutions, you often need the help of multiple parties. One to structure and make the information accessible, the other to increase user-friendliness. However, this requires communication through multiple channels and increases dependency on others. Informed Group offers the solution to address both needs
IIM en Lowcode
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"Informed Group has a lot of expertise that we like to use in this process. Such as archiving, version control, and classification. In addition, the consultants involved also distinguish themselves from their human side. They simply deliver a high-quality product."

Martijn Verhoef

Project manager 'Andreas'

The Value of
Informed Group

At Informed Group, we stand out from the competition by providing both IIM and Low-Code. This unique combination of expertise in both areas enables you to work more efficiently, save costs, and improve the overall performance of your organisations.

By working with advanced technologies, we can successfully manage and utilise your information. We also continuously meet the changing needs of your employees and customers.

Informed Group
Ervaring in gemeente Amsterdam

Experience from the
Municipality of Amsterdam

One of the municipalities that successfully collaborated with Informed Group is the Municipality of Amsterdam. They were using the ‘Andreas’ system, which was outdated and difficult to use. We created a new design of this existing application from Documentum. Thanks to the close collaboration between the business, the IT department, and Informed Group, we were able to significantly improve the quality and organise the information provision around governance processes.

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