Life Sciences & Health (LSH)

In the Life Sciences & Health sector (LSH for short), you’re constantly engaged in the development, production, and delivery of services for the healthcare and  biosciences industries. This requires managing a wealth of data amidst various technological advancements and regulations. Discover solutions here that can help you work more efficiently and more.

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Privacy Data Concerns

The LSH sector presents many opportunities and challenges. You are continuously working on advancements and innovations, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. However, managing information in this sector can be more complex compared to others. Due to privacy regulations, data integration, and high industry standards, this can be challenging. For instance, you must the ensure proper handling of personal data of patients and employees within organisations. Moreover, integrating data from various sources and systems into one system can be a significant challenge.

Automation as a Solution

There are several ways to improve information management in the Life Science & Health sector. By carefully merging data from different sources during data integration, you can streamline decision-making and operational processes which ensures better access to quality information. Additionally, you can work more effectively and save costs by reducing repetitive tasks. This can be achieved through implementation technologies such as Machine Learning. This form of AI recognises patterns and analyses large amounts of data, making it increasingly easier for this tool to determine when processes can be consolidated.

Automatisering als oplossing
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"In my role as IT Manager at Bilthoven Biological, we co-created a quality management system. With Informed Group, you bring a 'winning' team on board."

Drs Jan van Ooij

The Value of
Informed Group

Informed Group assists in optimising processes within the LSH sector with the SaaS solution QSEH Star.

With this self-developed management system, you can improve and manage processes and performance within the four pillars: Quality, Safety, Environment, and Health. We help you continue to comply with laws and regulations, streamline processes, and effectively manage risks.

For each of the four pillars, we outline our approach on our website. For example, our quality management ensures that your products or services continue to meet customer requirements. Our environmental management provides insight into waste management, emissions control, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

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