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Our products are designed to provide the best solutions for your problems. These solutions are highly flexible and can be tailored to fit your current situation and environment. We believe in long-lasting collaborations to solve complex issues.

The products we offer covers a specific composition of our selected products and the partners who we cooperate with. Some examples are OpenText Documentum, Microsoft 365, and the OutSystems platform.

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Free Buddies

Free Buddies are digital helpers that support you in your daily tasks. We make them available free of charge.

Information Masters

Information Masters are your solution for your Intelligent Information Management-based challenges.

Rapid Stars

Rapid Stars are solutions which make use of Low-Code in information intensive processes.

Smart Integrators

Information always has one source of truth. Every organisation has their own sources for different kinds of information. End users must be able to draw from all these sources, which is why integration is a necessity.

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