DQL Buddy

DQL Buddy is a friend to every Documentum developer and admin. It’s a repository browser, based on a folder structure with DQL query modules and the option to filter.

DQL Buddy supports you in your Documentum work. It makes it easier to work with information in Documentum. DQL Buddy has therefore arisen from the many years of experience of our consultant and can be downloaded for free.

Required skills:

Documentum technisch consultant

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DQL Buddy:
the key functions

The DQL Buddy provides you with an extensive set of functionalities. Here, you can find an overview of the most important and most used functions.

Repository browser

Navigate through the folder structure of a repository, filter their content, and request information from objects, which you can edit immediately.

Execute DQL

Run DQL queries, filter results, and automatically build your history. Frequently used filters can be put into one clear overview. In addition, you can request information about an object from the query result and easily edit them.


Find ACLs through filtering and make adjustments to get one clear overview of the objects that use a specific ACL.


Run DQL, API, and Javascript to get the option to use the results from a script again.

Monitor workflows and jobs

This way of monitoring allows you to request filtered overviews of workflows and follow its course. You also get a live overview of jobs, request information, and carry out jobs.

Consistency fixer

Get easy insights in the consistency check results to solve problems automatically.

Download our product

Do you want to try DQL Buddy yourself? Download this product by filling in the form down below. You’ll always get the most recent version. The Buddy does not need to be installed and is not dependent on other software. Please contact us if you have any other questions. We’re ready to help you.