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Our consultants configure custom applications to digitise work processes quickly and efficiently, so they can integrate with business systems in the best way possible. We offer you solutions to transform unstructured data into useful information, so you can achieve maximum efficiency.

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Get advice for solutions like OpenText Documentum and OutSystems Low-Code


Get advice about solutions like OpenText Documentum and OutSystems Low-Code


Information Management as a Service (IMaaS) is your total solution for information management.


Information Management as a Service (IMaaS) is your complete approach for information management.


Our consultants, with their unique knowledge and experience with OpenText Documentum and OutSystems Low-Code, offer specialised support in technical, business, and support fields.


The goal of Information Management as a Service is to help organisations maintain information effectively. This way, you can improve your decision-making, reduce risks, and increase your operational efficiency.

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Our solutions make sure bridges are being built between secured information systems and the needs of the users who work with this information. By digitising work processes, better and user-friendly applications which, regardless of time and location, provide optimal service to its users.

Duc Hung Bui

“When I’m developing at Informed Group, I get the freedom to work out my ideas in Documentum. When building applications, I can always rely on the extensive knowledge of my colleagues. We build together here, so you’re not on your own!”

Duc Hung Bui

Managing Consultant

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