Managing and structuring information can be complex. Not only do you want this process to be efficient and effective, you also want legislation and regulation to be in order.  Our consultants are not only technology professionals, they are also trusted advisors in all your information management problems.

All our consultants have access to the collective experience of Informed Group. We successfully deliver information management solutions and services for more than 20 years. This knowledge is used to  help you meet your requirements.

Our Informed Group organization holds resources and expertise to deliver the following:

  • requirements definitions,
  • project management,
  • solution design,
  • software installation,
  • solution configuration,
  • software customization and integrations,
  • document and metadata capture, content model and forms definition,
  • workflow process and rules definition,
  • security setup,
  • quality assurance testing,
  • training and various flavours of support.

Our experience includes green-field implementations as well as system upgrades and migrations. We have been active in all possible industries. Current activities focus on  Life Sciences (Pharma), Government and Energy & Engineering. All are complex industries where our customers appreciate our domain and technical know-how.

With a proven track record in Documentum services, our consultants have delivered many interfaces on top of of with Documentum products. The latest addition comes through our partnership with OutSystems. With Documentum xCP we deliver low-code services for many of our customers and we are proud to extend these services with the OutSystems low-code platform. State of the are applications in the browser or on mobile devices.


When supporting an information management solution, there are loads of options. The professionals from Informed Group will always provide you with a dedicated support approach. Based on your existing procedures and methodology, they will find the solution that fits best. On top of that they are versatile: they can support you both on a functional level but can also be part of a change advisory board.

To us, support is always personal, based on the specific needs and our consultants are always prepared to take that extra step.

We can provide dedicated on-site as well as off-site technical support. The scope of these activities are flexible and range from incidents and fixes, to changes (RfC) and upgrades. We provide project based upgrades on top of a support agreement. We also offer a prepaid Pay As You Go agreement. This way you decide what activities will be executed and when based on per case agreed efforts.


Provided that LICENSEE is current with the Software Subscription fees or Software Maintenance and Support fees in the Agreement, Informed Group agrees to provide to LICENSEE the following Software Maintenance and Support Services (“Support”):

  1. Customer Support Contact Information
    • Email:
  2. Scope. Standard Software Maintenance and Support Services include:
    • Distribution of certified product upgrades and standard service packs for Informed Group SOFTWARE licensed by LICENSEE;
    • Defect submission by email (;
    • Feature requests by email (

    NOTE: Professional consulting services such as ‘How to” training, upgrade assistance, monitor development, performance analysis, and capacity planning are not included as part of standard Software Maintenance and Support Services. They are available through premium support options or a separate statement of work (SOW).

  3. Coverage Period. INFORMED GROUP provides Software Maintenance Services and Support Services from 08:00 (am) to 18:00 (pm) CET Monday through Friday, excluding national and INFORMED GROUP official holidays. Should LICENSEE require support outside of these times Informed Group will bill LICENSEE at an hourly rate of 1.5 times the current standard hourly rate.
  4. Support Objectives & Guidelines. Regardless of priority, all trouble tickets will be opened by a support specialist who will gather the needed details of the problem and troubleshoot the defect. The support specialist will follow the following guidelines to remedy a customer problem:
    Priority The Support Specialist will consult with a development engineer to implement a resolution. If a resolution is not found within: The Support Specialist will follow up with LICENSEE via telephone or e-mail at the following minimum intervals until a resolution is identified:
    High 5 business hours;
    LICENSEE will receive a call back within 10 hours of the initial call for a status update.
    Daily intervals;
    Escalation to Informed Group management after 24 hours
    Medium 10 business hours Every other day intervals
    Low 2 business days Weekly intervals
  5. Support Priority Classifications:
    • High: A complete loss of production service will receive immediate attention
    • Medium: Error or intermittent loss of service that does not involve a complete failure
    • Low: Minor inconvenience that does not disrupt service
  6. Real-Time Troubleshooting Option. When the SOFTWARE is installed on a server with an Internet connection, INFORMED GROUP support can access (with LICENSEE permission) the server via services like WebEx™, a secure (SSL) real-time communications service, to help troubleshoot the problem. Information on WebEx is available at
  7. Exclusions and Limitations. INFORMED GROUP does not provide any of the following products or services as a part of INFORMED GROUP support. These products and services are available through a separate Statement of Work (SOW):
    • Modifications of the SOFTWARE or services required as a result of such modifications.
    • Services required during, or as a result of, a relocation of the SOFTWARE to a new site or server environment.
    • Services required as a result of use that is not in accord with the SOFTWARE documentation.
    • Patches or workarounds for defects which have been fixed by a SOFTWARE update that has not been installed by LICENSEE.
    • Operating environment sizing, capacity analysis, and load testing scenarios.
  8. LICENSEE Responsibilities.
    • LICENSEE will designate a Primary and Alternate “System Administrator” covered by this Agreement and will notify INFORMED GROUP of any changes in such designations. For purposes related to the performance of this Agreement, LICENSEE authorizes INFORMED GROUP to rely upon instructions provided by these System Administrators.
    • LICENSEE agrees to notify INFORMED GROUP promptly of any relocation of the licensed SOFTWARE from the initial installation site. The Software Maintenance and Support Services described in this Agreement are provided by INFORMED GROUP for the licensed SOFTWARE only at a designated location,
    • LICENSEE will ensure that INFORMED GROUP provided updates, upgrades, and/or service packs are installed within a reasonable period of time.
    • LICENSEE agrees that all solutions, corrections, modifications, refinements, enhancements, and new releases (collectively “the Enhancements”) supplied by INFORMED GROUP shall be implemented by LICENSEE into the SOFTWARE within a reasonable time.
    • As and to the extent reasonably required for diagnosis of problems, LICENSEE agrees to:
      1. Provide INFORMED GROUP with a reproducible test case of the problem;
      2. Provide sufficient access (including network connections), support, and test time on LICENSEE’S computer systems (under supervision of LICENSEE’S System Administrator) to duplicate the problem, to verify that the problem is due to licensed SOFTWARE, and to certify that the problem has been solved;
      3. Ensure that a System Administrator or another responsible employee of LICENSEE is present or participating in any such service;
      4. Provide INFORMED GROUP in a timely manner with communications, facilities, sufficient access, workspace, and such other normal and customary facilities and assistance as may be reasonably necessary for performance of services hereunder.
  9. Additional Informed Group Software Support Offerings. If LICENSEE has purchased one of INFORMED GROUP’s optional support offerings including the Informed Group Silver, Gold, or Platinum Support Package, a description of those packages and the included services is available upon request.