Young Professional Academy

At Informed Group’s Young Professional Academy, you get the chance to really make an impact. We provide you with an opportunity to help our clients as a brand new talent with their information management and gain experience based on our core values. Give your career a kickstart at Informed Group!

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How does the Academy work?

You’ll be a part of Informed Group and take part in our Young Professional Academy for a period of three months to complete the IIM course and basic training on Documentum. Modules like Documentum xCP and OutSystems will be added at a later point in time. After that, you’ll graduate and will work under the wings of experienced consultants, so you learn to stand on your own feet. By then, you’ll have plenty of experience and an extensive knowledge-base.

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“My full potential has been unlocked as a Young Professional at Informed Group, in a great environment with nice colleagues.”

Lies Kers

Young Professional

Increase your IIM knowledge

IT employees play an important role in turning your ambitions into reality. But it’s also a challenge to find capable people who have an understanding of its complexity. We’ve already trained many ‘Young Professionals’ through our Academy in challenging subjects like Intelligent Information Management.

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Maatwerk voor klanten

Tailored solutions for clients

You can also follow our Young Professional Academy as a client. It is possible to join one of Informed Group’s classes. Together, we select the candidates, and you’ll decide if a candidate fits within your organisation. We decide if this candidate is the right person to become an information management professional. Then, the candidate joins our team for a year. After that, you have the first right to offer them a contract.

The candidate also participates in our Young Professional Academy for a period of three months. Afterwards, they will start at your organisation with our supervision. For nine months, we’ll coach the candidate and teach them the tricks of the trade. During this period, we’ll also keep them in touch with all technological developments.

You can also educate an entire class. In this case, we’ll come up with a creative solution.

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