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When dealing with legal services in the financial sector, information management plays a significant role. This is important due to legislation, privacy, and document management. Preserving sensitive data is essential for accurate workflows and Informed Group has the solutions to help. For more information, press the button so you can explore the role of Informed Group in this process

Risico op reputatieschade

Risk of Reputation Damage

Whether you work at a bank, insurance company, or another financial institution, you need to have your information management in order. Struggling to manage documents carefully or losing sight of rapidly changing legislations can lead to legal risks, data breaches, and potential damage to the reputation of your organisation. While this is certainly not intentional, you should do everything possible to prevent these scenarios from happening. The solution lies in having well-functioning systems, so you can ensure that you minimise these risks as much as possible and successfully protect your customers’ data.

Information Management as a Solution

The main advantage of applying information management in the financial and legal sector is simplifying compliance with laws and regulations. Financial and legal departments can work more efficiently, reduce risks, complete reports faster, and comply with privacy requirements as a result. All these actions roll up to less paperwork and more efficiency in auditing information

By doing this you can easily avoid fines and spent less money on storage of your information and more efficiently process your data. Al this enables
as a legal professional to better serve clients, enhancing customer service and customer satisfaction.

Informatiemanagement oplossing
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"My compliments for the unique expertise and dedication of the consultants at Informed Group. They truly immerse themselves in projects and only let go when the desired result has been achieved."

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Informed Group assists organisations in the Legal & Finance sector to optimise their information management. By utilising the unique combination of Intelligent Information Management (IIM) and Low-Code, your organisation maintains contact with a single party instead of multiple. Our experienced consultants ensure that you can easily manage large amounts of information (IIM) and that people can access all information easily through a single application (Low-Code).

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