Our consultants are qualified experts with unique knowledge and experience on solutions like OpenText Documentum and OutSystems Low-Code. They always collaborate with the client to give the best advice and achieve amazing results.

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Each consultant has both a general and a specialised knowledge-base. They can fulfill multiple roles, because of their backgrounds and years of experience. These are the strengths of our technical, business, and support consultants.


Our experienced, technical consultants excel in the technologies that are needed to achieve successful information management. They use high-quality products and customise them with the client, so the application fits their needs perfectly.


With experience and knowledge in almost every industry, our business consultants help you with your digital transformation. They function as a bridge between your IT employees and your business. Their goal is to find the connection between the needs of your employees, the needs of your business, and the legislation of governments and organisations.


To support consultants, application support is more than just finding solutions to incidents. It should also provide you with cost efficient solutions that support applications long-term for daily use through root cause analyses and preventive maintenance.

Duc Hung Bui

“When I’m developing at Informed Group, I get the freedom to work out my ideas in Documentum. When building applications, I can always rely on the extensive knowledge of my colleagues. We build together here, so you’re not on your own!”

Duc Hung Bui

Managing Consultant

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