More than 80% of the content in a company is unstructured. This makes it difficult to find the content you need. And if you find the document, how can you be sure it is a finalized and approved version? How convenient would it be to have a platform that combines all your needs and demands regarding content management? Imagine that you never have to worry about location, access or compliancy anymore. All this is possible with DOLSR.

The base of the DOLSR platform is the Documentum Life Sciences Suite, an industry leading content management platform. With its’ unique module-based approach you’re always sure that you have the functionality that is relevant for your company.

DOLSR is a Documentum based document management platform and a virtual private cloud solution for Life Sciences / Biotech and Pharma companies. It provides you with one single source of truth and the means to meet compliance, risk and quality demands, based on industry best practices and standards and it is accessible worldwide.


  • Compliant: DOLSR helps you make sure all your content management needs are met in a compliant way.
  • Up-to-date: DOLSR is always kept up to date with the latest patches and feature upgrades. You control your environment
  • Scalable: It doesn’t matter if your company has 50 or 50.000 employees. The environment will scale together with your company
  • Flexible: DOLSR is fully flexible in the number of users and the number of modules that you need. At any time, it’s possible to add or remove users or functionality.

On top of the LS Suite, the DOLSR platform also offers many other content management applications like:

  • EQMS: A Quality Management solution
  • SPA4LS: Combine the collaboration capabilities of your SharePoint environment with your LS Suite
  • eCTD Manager: Manage your submissions
  • DocuSign: Manage your Electronic signatures

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