SENATE – Your support in efficient meeting processes

The modern-day office is a mixture of Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, each with their own strengths, innovative ideas and working methods. This is reflected in the communication and meeting preferences of these different generations, resulting in a split in information management for meetings. Next to the informal, ad-hoc and agile meeting, there are formal – structured – meetings.

Despite different preferences and working methods, the modern enterprise is still required to formalize processes and organize procedures. This is a lot of work and goes beyond the familiar struggle to manage everyone’s availability including those colleagues that are out of town but need to participate. Each agenda item needs to be planned, prepared and optionally approved. All documents required need to be accessible for the attendees, but also decisions and notes must be recorded and made available for future meetings. Another aspect involves privacy and security. Who can access the information for a meeting and see what decisions have been made? If guests are invited for an agenda item, do you want them to see all information or just a specific part? Questions to consider and a lot to think about if you want to organise meetings consistently and efficient.

Fortunately, help is available. SENATE supports you in organising and planning your formal meetings. SENATE administrators can easily manage meetings, attendees and roles. Documents that are needed for a specific meeting are available in one place. All information is stored securely in the LEAP cloud platform, enabling attendees, staff and meeting secretaries to access information they need anytime, anywhere. SENATE provides review and approval processes for meeting documents and sharing is possible based on role and sensitivity level. SENATE is built on LEAP, the enterprise cloud platform provided by OpenText. By using the LEAP platform SENATE can provide the availability, scalability and security that people expect from modern web applications.

Organising a meeting is easy using the 3 SENATE apps :

  • SENATE Organizer helps the meeting staff to organize meetings and agenda items, manage attendees and gather documents;
  • SENATE Minutes is used by the meeting secretary to record minutes and decisions for meetings;
  • SENATE Reader supports attendees by providing all meeting details and documentation whenever they need it: on their laptop, tablet or even their smartphone.

SENATE requires no software installation and little setup. You can sign-up and try it out in minutes. Configuration of the meetings is easy. Depending on the complexity of your meeting process this can take from just an hour to a few days. If you want to know how SENATE can help your organisation by making meeting processes more efficient, get in touch and we will inform you about the SENTATE try-out options.

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