QSEH Star is a management system for Quality, Safety, Environment, and Health (QSEH). It’s the ideal system for your organisation to manage and improve processes and performances in these four branches.

This application offers you a way to streamline your quality management and to comply with laws and regulations. This gives you a structured approach to achieve your organisation’s targets involving the quality of your products or services, regarding safety and health at work and sustainability.

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Our 4 pillars

Our QSEH Star stands for Quality, Safety, Environment and Health. These four pillars make it possible for you to comply with the laws and regulations in these industries and to continue to improve processes. Read more on our approach per industry.

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Quality management ensures your products and services comply with your client’s needs and continue to improve in their performance. That way, you identify, prevent and reduce shortcomings and errors in your processes.

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Safety management offers you a safe work environment for your own employees, hired employees, customers, and other stakeholders. This helps you with identifying and controlling hazards in the workplace, reducing accidents and health issues, and complying with safety regulations.

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Health management is about the protection of the physical and mental health of employees. It offers preventive measurements, promotes healthy behavior, manages occupational diseases, and ensures that health regulations are adhered to.

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Environmental management increases your positive impact on the climate. You get more insights into waste management, the conservation of resources, controlling emissions, and complying with environmental laws and regulations.

The answer to your needs

The QSEH Star goes beyond managing and improving processes and performances. In our in-depth blogs, you will find answers to:

This is how we ensure that your organization complies with laws and regulations, increases efficiency, and achieves sustainable business success.

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