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These clients preceded you

This year marks Informed Group’s 15th anniversary. Therefore, we look back with several colleagues and look ahead to the next anniversary. This time Sofie Septor is speaking.

Pleased to meet Sofie

Our Belgian colleague Sofie has been working with our organization for seven years with great pleasure. She started in 2016 from the Young Professional Academy that was then focused on Documentum and Sharepoint. Over the past few years, Sofie has gained a variety of tools, technologies and skills. She started as a junior Documentum consultant and has since advanced to Senior consultant in which she has specialized in the area of Documentum xCP.

Working at the Municipality of Amsterdam

At our client Municipality of Amsterdam, Sofie, in the role of Documentum xCP Architect and Technical Lead, delivers a key role in the further development of its crucial information management system Andreas. Sofie has taken over this role from colleague Jeroen Teeling. Proof that moving on to each other’s positions within our company is actually possible. From our long-standing partnership with the City of Amsterdam, Sofie and other colleagues make a constant contribution to improving the quality of administrative decision-making there. And that’s important for a municipality that employs as many as 17,000 people.

What does working at Informed mean and what makes it special

Sofie has made her Intelligent Information Management knowledge her own. She studied Real Estate and then entered the chemical industry from an administrative job. At a very large company in an international team. In her own time, she then trained as an Analyst Programmer. From that accumulated knowledge, she was approached to join our Young Professional Academy. She seized that opportunity with both hands.

“I experience Informed Group as a nice and personal company. There is attention for each other and people really listen to you. This gives me the opportunity to really think along and I can really develop my ideas. For example, from the UX/UI Team of which I am now the Community Lead. There we deal with User eXperience and User Interfaces. I was not used to that at that large American organization. Moreover, it is a company that really cares about its people. Every colleague who goes through a difficult period is given the time needed to get back on track. That too is exceptional and makes Informed Group very special to me,” says Sofie.

What does working at Informed mean and what makes it special


“I will continue to work here for a long time because I like to be technically challenged. A lot is changing in information technology and I want to continue to specialize in it. On Intelligent Information Management. As long as there are companies that still have lots of data on their servers and do nothing with it, there is plenty of challenging work. I like to implement effective systems through which that data is analyzed and used for the right decisions.”

“I am eager to learn, enjoy my work and get the space to dive into something. Figuring out technical issues myself, developing them further and shaping them into new projects for our customers. In coordination with colleagues. I have also learned a lot from my colleagues in recent years and now find it special to transfer my knowledge to new colleagues. This is how we complete the Informed circle together again and again,” says Sofie enthusiastically.

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