Improve the quality of administrative decision-making

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, is the Netherlands’ largest municipality. Within the Municipal Executive it is the task of the Administration & Organisation department to support and improve connections between administration, the city and the municipal organisation. Amsterdam employs 17,000 people, eight hundred of them involved in administrative decision-making. There are 25 different directorates, eight governors and seven city quarters, all of them in continuous, mutual consultation.


Andreas is used as information management system during decision-making processes at meetings of the Municipal Executive, the various committees and the Council. This system was obsolete and considered as very user-unfriendly. As replacement of the system failed, Informed Group was approached with the question for a re-design of the existing, Documentum-based application. What the City of Amsterdam asked from us was: How to arrange our information supply in the best possible, orderly way to improve the quality of our administrative decision-making processes?


First we drew up an extensive process analysis, followed by re-designs of all processes. This advice was translated into a mock-up. By way of this mock-up we could outline very clearly what our stable, safe all-in solution was supposed to look like: user-friendly, flexible and in full support of the political process. This functional design provided the basis for step-by-step building on in the form of Documentum xCP. Next we trained and instructed all persons involved. We added two of our own products to this customer-specific application: the Metadata Publishing Tool and SPA4D. The Metadata Publishing module enables users to easily retrieve information from Documentum and to create PDF-content in any desired format. Last not least, SPA4D, a SharePoint add-in, establishes proper integration between Documentum and Microsoft Office 365. Right now, support consists in for instance digital presentations using underlying files, compilations of the verified agendas and processing of outcomes. Everything is now standardised, and everybody uses the same templates.

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    Starting from a fixed-price commission we managed to realise this project within 16 weeks. Step by step, using reusable building blocks. From the moment Andreas 2 was operational, the quality of administrative decision-making by the City of Amsterdam improved. It was very clear from the start that the success of this project was enabled by the close collaboration among business, the IT-department and Informed Group as partners.In the end this collaboration was laid down in a permanent framework agreement.

    “Informed Group has fine, substantive knowledge that we are happy to deploy in this process. Like filing, version management and classification. On the other hand their consultants also show their human side. They just deliver a good-quality product.”

    Project Manager


    Bestuursdienst Amsterdam

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