DQL Buddy is indispensable for every developer, administrator and consultant who works with Documentum. DQL Buddy is a comprehensive toolkit that supports and facilitates your daily work. Based on years of experience of Documentum consultants, this toolkit has grown into a toolkit with a rich set of functions. And what makes it completely unique? We provide DQL Buddy for free to the entire Documentum community. You can use DQL Buddy 1.4.0. download directly here.

The most important and most used DQL Buddy functionalities

  • Repository browser:

      • navigate through the directory structure of a repository
      • filter the content of folders
      • request detail information of objects, edit objects (check-in and check-out)
  • Execute DQL:

      • run DQL queries from the query editor (with syntax highlighting)
      • filter the query result
      • build query history automatically. From here you can select
      • Create your own library of frequently used queries
      • query detailed information of an object from the query result (with the possibility to edit)
  • Browse ACLs:

      • search for ACL (permission sets), use filters
      • create, view, edit or delete ACLs
      • see in a storage which objects use a specific ACL
  • ScriptRunner:

      • execute DQL, API and JavaScript scripts, whereby the results from one script can be used in a subsequent script
  • Monitor workflows:

      • Request filtered views of workflows
      • follow live the progress of the workflows (monitoring)
  • Monitor jobs:

      • get an overview of all jobs
      • request detailed information per job
      • Follow live job execution (monitoring)
  • Consistency fixer:

      • Get easy insight into the results of the consistency check
      • let automated issues be fixed
  • DQL Buddy requires no installation and has no dependencies on other software. After downloading, unpack the zip and get started.

DQL Buddy, indispensable IT toolkit for Documentum

DQL Buddy is a Documentum toolkit that evolved from the toolkit called SWTooly. SWTooly was used by various Documentum customers in the Netherlands until a few years ago. As one of the co-builders of SWTooly, our colleague Ernst Dijkstra decided to upgrade the toolkit to a recent version of Documentum after several years of use. He also decided to expand it with new features. Since these are still not available or inconveniently available in Documentum Administrator.

Unlike alternative toolkits such as DQL Tester, which no longer support recent versions of Documentum (without applying a hack), DQL Buddy is guaranteed future-proof. This along with the expanded feature set has caused Documentum techs worldwide to switch to DQL Buddy since 2019.

DQL Buddy 1.4.0. available for free

Are you a Documentum developer, administrator or consultant? Take your chance on this indispensable toolkit and download it for free. Once you’ve downloaded it, just unzip it and get to work. Please note that we deliver the free version of DQL Buddy as-is, so without any warranty or support. Informed Group is not responsible for the consequences of using this powerful toolkit. We automatically inform existing users about new releases and updates. Did you change your email address? Then download DQL Buddy again.


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