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DQL Buddy 2.4

In a time of rapid technological change, it is essential to invest in a solid foundation that can stand the test of time. Our new release is built on a platform that is future-proof. It is more robust and better prepared for tomorrow’s technological developments. We work on enhancing and strengthening our platform to ensure it meets all your needs.

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New features and functionalities

New features and functionalities

Our recent update brings you a range of new features and functionalities. This version is enriched with input from various governmental organizations, which allows us to offer a product that caters to diverse needs and requirements. The update makes it easier to work with information in Documentum, ensuring a more efficient document management process for the users. This update is also just the beginning. Our roadmap for 2025 is built upon the foundation we have laid, with further improvements and innovations planned to enhance our user experience even further. Are you ready to discover the newest updates?

Meet our guest speakers

The webinar is led by Jeroen Teeling and Sander Hendriks, both former product developers of DQL Buddy Version 2.4. Jeroen and Sander have played crucial roles in crafting this new release. They are eager to share their extensive knowledge and expertise in software development during the interactive webinar. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions via live chat, which will be addressed during and after the presentation, allowing you to benefit from the insights and answers provided by our expert speakers.

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Explore the new release and roadmap of DQL Buddy 2.4

Discover our roadmap & new release including exciting new features and functionalities