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Future of Documentum OpenText World

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Do you know why the combination of low-code and, for example, OutSystems will fit even better with Documentum xCP? Or how it works with the Documentum Workflow designer? So watch our 30-minute summary on Documentum at OpenText World 2021. We discuss all interesting news from and about Documentum. Among other things, get answers to the question: what will be the next generation in content services platforms? Or how about Documentum D2 for example? And what are the innovations within Documentum xCP?

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Last Tuesday, December 7th, we presented our webinar ‘Documentum at OpenText World 2021. With the theme ‘Be Digital’. Afterwards we received many positive reactions to this event. We are very happy about that. As promised, we are now making the content of this webinar available to you for free. With the intention that you too can learn more about the future of Documentum. For example, whether it’s really legacy and you’re so forced to the cloud.

So that’s why you can watch the successful Documentum webinar directly below.

Future of Documentum OpenText World

The bottom line is that you don’t have to miss anything if you couldn’t attend the webinar. Maybe you just want to revisit it or share it with a colleague. You can. Then click on the link to watch it again. Get informed about the interesting changes and new functionalities. The webinar is in English. And the presentation was done by Jeroen Jansen, CEO and founder of Informed Group. Together with Martijn van Doesselaar, manager of our consultants.

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Want to know what the changes and new features mean for your organization? First of all, don’t forget to replay the successful Documentum webinar at OpenText World 2021. Want to know more? Then click on the orange button below so that we can make an appointment with you on short notice.


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