The route to digital innovation

Organisaties helpen informatie op nieuwe manieren te zien

These clients preceded you

Helping organizations see information in new ways, discover insights and unlock endless possibilities. With that outspoken passion, Nicole van Rij was able to immediately commit to Informed Group. We share that passion. Because we too believe in the importance of connecting and personal contact with (potential) customers. Advise organizations in agile business. Especially now that digital transformation is high on the strategic agenda. For that reason, we like to take our clients down that route to digital innovation.

Ambitious plans

Since the beginning of April, Nicole has joined Informed as a sales manager. “We are convinced that she is the right person to further shape our ambitious plans for growth. With more than 10 years of marketing and sales experience in the information technology and services sector, she knows better than anyone from her advisory role that customer needs are paramount,” said CEO Jeroen Jansen.

Nicole will work to further expand relationships within our key accounts. In which she also puts our own developed solutions even more prominently on the map. Like Documentum Accelerator. Part of our umbrella solution from OutSystems for EIM. This is an intelligent product that makes it easier to create a low-code application that uses information from an Enterprise Information Management system. And thus make the information available to the end user faster and more efficiently. The value of the EIM system is thus maximized. And the customer can also deliver new functionalities desired by the business, faster and without the intervention of the IT organization.

Solution-focused work

“It appeals to me greatly that Informed Group acts as a knowledge center and driver of innovation for information management. Helping companies to accelerate their digital transformation. I really enjoy guiding organizations along this route to digital innovation. Because the road to get there is often a road with difficult choices. The team at Informed Group understands these dilemmas. The core is the smart use of technological developments in the realization of this change. With the goal of getting the maximum return from available data.” says Nicole enthusiastically.

Digital Innovation

Nicole is always looking for new opportunities and possibilities to help the customer. In addition to her international experience in the UK and Australia, Nicole has worked at Microsoft, Qlik and Oracle, among others. As a result, her passion is really in the technology corner. “I find the new world to be super interesting. The fact that I am a part of it, I actually like even more.”, says Nicole.

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