Successful return to Young Professional Academy

Recap Young Professional Academy

These clients preceded you

Halfway through the year, we started our Young Professional Academy again. A training program in which we train new colleagues to become low-code consultants within two months. Elyas Boumejjane likes to look back.

In the first week, we got the ins and outs on how to brand myself as a consultant and I got an introduction to Enterprise Information Management. This was a very nice way to broaden my knowledge and learn what it is like to be a consultant.

In the second week, I worked on my programming skills and we gained insight into Microsoft Office 365. Afterwards, we had a very fun and informative semi-annual meeting. This allowed me to become even better acquainted with all the colleagues within Informed Group.

OutSystems knowledge in practice

In the third and fourth week, we were introduced and introduced to the OutSystems platform. We started with an Outsystems training and ended it with a quiz. After the quiz, we started the OS Case and this was in groups. We were faced with a fictitious municipality called Utambru and for this we had to create a poc for a case system. This was a good way for us to get to know the system a little deeper. And putting our consultant skills into practice. We had to deal with last minute changes and all sorts of other challenges to ensure that we would be put on the wrong track. But fortunately everyone kept their cool and we were able to make a nice presentation with a demonstration of a working application with the necessary functionalities incorporated.

Documentum skills

The following week we were introduced to Documentum. Here we had extensive training from our CEO Jeroen Jansen and manager Martijn van Doesselaar. This training was also partly held at our Antwerp office where we got to know our Belgian colleagues. Furthermore, here we also received training and further training on UX & ITIL and an intro to xCP. Besides learning, we had a great time in Belgium and went out to dinner with the team. While enjoying a delicious pizza and drinks, we were able to watch the soccer match Belgium vs NL the following day.

Presentation xCP case study

Because I was sick the following week, I had to miss some training sessions. Fortunately, Martijn gave me a modified schedule which brought me up to speed quickly and allowed me to do a presentation for my xCP case for the time being. I was very pleased with the dynamics in which this had been handled. As a result, my presentation thankfully went smoothly.

Building ticket system in OutSystems

And then it was now time for the big individual case! I must say that I was quite excited about what was in store for us all because now we really had to do it all individually and show it. Fortunately, we had very good guidance from the product owner, scrum master and technical lead during the case. I had to go build a ticketing system for a fictional municipality called Utamro and certainly found it a very fun and educational case.

Final Presentation Young Professional Academy

It was now time to put everything I learned into practice. This started with drafting the requirements, creating clear user stories, sprint planning, mockups, process flow etc. Clear communication towards the product owner and technical lead was really very important. Also, sounding the alarm in time at times when you get stuck, especially since you are dealing with a very tight schedule. The day of the presentation itself was nerve-wracking, but once I was there it went well, thankfully. I was able to showcase what has been learned in a short period of time and what I have been able to put down.

Getting started as an EIM consultant

After the presentations, we received valuable feedback. Both technical and functional. Which ended the day with a final interview and the desired certificate! The following day we were able to celebrate the conclusion of the YPA with a fun day out to Walibi. After which we indulged in delicious dishes at an All you can eat restaurant! How nice it is that I am now working, with a permanent contract as a junior EIM consultant. That’s why I look back on the Young Professional Academy with success.


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