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It’s that time again: Start of the Young Professional Academy. Today, five very enthusiastic participants will begin this training. Together they take on the challenge of seeing if they have what it takes to become a true consultant at Informed Group.

Challenge launched

Never before has diversity been so great. And we are quite a bit proud of that. Among the participants are people just fresh out of college, people with several years of work experience to those who have decided to make a career switch. Starting next week, Andy, Ivan, Kevin, Lies and Raimund will take on this challenge together.

Soft skills, tools and techniques

The first few weeks focus on soft skills. Then our Young Professionals plunge into programming, low-code & IIM. They do this with a variety of tools and techniques with an emphasis on OutSystems and Documentum xCP.

Working together

Raimund already has a small head start because he started two weeks earlier. Thus, he put some extra emphasis on certain parts that were not yet his own. Very handsome because these are tough weeks with lots of online training and self-study. Despite that, Raimund is eager to meet his fellow Young Professionals next week. To launch the new Young Professional Academy together. In order to be trained with that knowledge and experience gained to become a consultant within our club.

We are very much looking forward to training these enthusiasts. Keep an eye on the website as we will keep you updated on the developments of our new Young Professionals within the launch of this new Young Professional Academy.


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