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These clients preceded you

This year marks Informed Group’ s 15th anniversary. Therefore, we look back with several colleagues and look ahead to the next anniversary. This time Wilma Janssen is speaking.

Wilma introduces herself

Wilma has been employed as Office Manager for 1.5 years. “I have a fun, challenging and enormously varied job. And that’s exactly what makes it so much fun. In addition to my office duties, I deal with lease cars, building management, accounting and other HR related work such as leave. I try to be in the office as much as possible so I also keep meeting all my colleagues. Because contact with my colleagues is something I enjoy.”

Informed and I

When asked what is so special about her job at Informed Group, Wilma doesn’t think long. She enthusiastically explains that the website already appealed to her as well as the content of the job posting. That made her decide to apply. And what a match that turned out to be. “Working at Informed Group means to me that I really do what I love. I am appreciated for who I am. I am listened to and therefore have a say. My ideas are actually heard. For example, I have taken on building management. Instead of it being outsourced in an inefficient way. That way I also get the best out of myself. I really count instead of just doing my job. And I didn’t always encounter that with my previous employers,” Wilma said.

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As Office Manager, Wilma is naturally involved in everything and also takes part in all kinds of meetings. “I also sometimes describe my work as a hub where various tasks by and for colleagues come together and pass on to other colleagues. I partly have a defined set of tasks and also pick up work that comes my way.”

Why work at Informed Group

“Informed Group is a social company. There is a real focus on what is good for the employee. There is always consultation possible and nothing is imposed. We appreciate each other for who we are. We look out for each other. It is special that the organization really asks for everyone’s opinion and does something with it. I like the fact that from my position I have to deal with and work together with my colleagues. Everyone therefore contributes in his or her own way to the success of Informed and that gives me the feeling of we are doing it together.”

My future

Wilma likes to look ahead 5 years. “When I look at my future, I would like to become even better at what I do. I want to get to know the company even better and also understand substantively who we are and what we do. By gaining even more knowledge and experience, I hope to achieve this. This allows me to pick up projects even better by the head and tail. For example, through the STAP budget, I took a course on “sustainable business. With that knowledge, I want to take the “sustainable business” project further internally. I also coordinate the in-house emergency response (FAFS) in our company.”

Wilma is also increasingly making the technical language they speak within Informed Group her own. At parties and birthdays, Wilma describes the company as follows: “We structure information within a company. We ensure process-wise that information is processed correctly in a system and is accessible in the right way. So that it works efficiently and saves a lot of time and costs.” Informed Group is extremely fortunate to have such an inspired Office Manager. On to the next anniversary. For and with each other.

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