Looking back and looking ahead lustrum weekend: 15 years

Dit jaar bestaat Informed Group 15 jaar. Al die jaren geniet ik van de gedeelde passie in ons bedrijf. Jaren vol met kansen

These clients preceded you

This year marks Informed Group’s 15th anniversary. All these years I have enjoyed the shared passion in our company. Years filled with opportunities, challenges, exciting clients and, of course, lots of fun. To add to that together, we went on an anniversary weekend with our entire team. In the middle of Limburg nature on a beautiful estate in Haelen. Looking back and forward together on our anniversary weekend. How fun is that!

Unforgettable anniversary weekend

It has been over a week, but with me it is still very fresh in my mind. It was an unforgettable weekend and a worthy celebration of our third anniversary. Thanks to a perfect program set up by colleagues Wilma Janssen, Ria Kemp, Souhailla Azzouz and Firdous Hassankhan. For which many thanks. Together we took the reins for three days. We enjoyed great stories and anecdotes. In addition, we were spoiled with delicious food and drinks. And finally, we were additionally challenged by the necessary activities.

What about mountain biking in a marl cave?

True, you don’t see much of it. Without light, you literally cannot see your hand in front of your face here. Sjoerd Twaalfhoven rode last and with regularity it went “SJOERD!” from front to back only to hear “COMPLETE!” from back to front. Safety first. Just as we realize this with our Enterprise Information Management solutions when setting up information management properly.


A lot more relaxing was a ride through the beautiful surroundings on e-choppers


Nice detail in this photo: staff number #1. Ernst Dijkstra. For years he was #2, but one of the 4 founders of Informed Group. However, the former #1 had been out of service for more than 11 years. How beautiful and symbolic it was to award Ernst on this weekend not only 2 extra days off a year because he has been with us for 15 years but by also assigning him employee number #1.

Exhilarating relaxation: sumo wrestling

And of course the evenings were full of fun in the form of table tennis, table soccer, karaoke and other entertainment. On Sunday, everyone returned home after the traditional group photo was a fact.


Looking back and forward lustrum

If you are familiar with the experts at Informed Group, you know we are not complete. It remains difficult to get everyone away from home for a weekend. Not everyone was back from vacation. And sometimes private circumstances took precedence. Of course, those who were not there also belong and also own the two collector’s items: the cap and shirt from 15 years of Informed.https://www.informedgroup.nl/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/Team-op-weekend-1024×768.jpg

Present, past and future

15 years! Too beautiful to just pass by. Too beautiful not to share more with you. In the coming months, we will look back on that period with regularity. And also looking ahead. Where will we be in 15 years when we celebrate our 30th anniversary? We do this together with our colleagues. This way, everyone gets to speak.


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