I live OutSystems

Dit jaar bestaat Informed Group 15 jaar. Daarom blikken we met verschillende collega’s terug en kijken we vooruit naar het volgende lustrum. Dit keer is Micha Sulman aan het woord.

These clients preceded you

This year marks Informed Group’s 15th anniversary. Therefore, we look back with several colleagues and look ahead to the next anniversary. This time, Micha Sulman is speaking.

Micha introduces himself

Micha has been working at Informed Group for ten months. There he works as a senior EIM Consultant specializing in OutSystems. In his role, he is engaged in consulting and development. In contact with the customer, he likes to be the louse in the fur. “I like to ask so I understand the question behind the question,” Micha said. “And how special that this is also exactly the Informed Group way. This is where we really make a difference together. We ask stimulating questions to understand exactly what the customer wants. From that content we look at the complete business process. Then we discuss all the options so that we ultimately come up with an honest advice. We often call it an adage because we like to explain our proposed solution. We are not focused on hourly billing. As a result, this only enhances our long-term relationship with clients.”

Flying start

When Micha had just joined the company, his first task was to develop an Enterprise Quality Management System. An external solution capable of ensuring the complete quality of a chain such as ISO certification. He has built this from a business system that allows it to host more than just audits. For example, it can also record anomalies. Useful to apply for HR or grant systems, for example.

In addition, Micha also enjoyed imparting his OutSystems knowledge and experience to the enthusiastic three participants of the Young professional Academy last May. “I really enjoy imparting knowledge in a pragmatic way. It is precisely this variety that makes working at informed so attractive,” Micha said.

Pragmatic getting started at a.s.r.

Het team van Informed Group blijft zich uitbreiden. Dit is Micha Sulman. Onze nieuwe senior EIM-consultant met ruime OutSystems kennis. Met zijn 20+ jaar brede internationale ervaring in de IT, in het bijzonder in de maak- en procesindustrie, zijn we heel blij om hem in ons team te verwelkomen. Met zijn voorliefde voor software development en procesverbetering gaat hij aan de slag om bestaande en nieuwe klanten te adviseren en helpen. “Mijn passie ligt in het bedenken en ontwikkelen van de juiste business oplossingen. Het snappen van hoe een business proces in elkaar zit en waarom mensen in een organisatie doen wat ze doen. Begrijpen wat de problemen zijn, waar de bottlenecks en integratie-uitdagingen zitten. Waardoor we met de juiste tools en mensen iets moois creëren. Om zo de business van de klant efficiënter en effectiever te maken” aldus Micha. Met zijn expertise breidt Informed Group haar OutSystems kennis uit.

Through our partner CoolProfs, Micha has been working as a senior OutSystems DevOps consultant at Loyalis since August. Loyalis is an income insurer and is part of a.s.r. Netherlands. He enthuses, “An exciting and technically very challenging project with a versatile and enthusiastic DevOps team. We are dealing with a microservice architecture with many integrations to other systems. Here you really see the power of OutSystems in its full scope.” Within the assignment at Loyalis, Micha is working on an underwriting application that captures the entire process of insurance and policy management. Examples include policy renewal, maintaining customer records, claims and the various coverages and conditions. Micha’s job is to technically support the team and contribute to its development and integration. Here, his knowledge of OutSystems is put to the best use.

Why work for Informed Group

“Informed Group is a dynamic, not too big club. Its strength lies in binding and engaging colleagues. It almost feels like one warm bath. There really is a family atmosphere where everyone looks out for each other and is involved in each other’s activities. I see this particularly in our monthly meetings, joint lunches and all kinds of team outings that we organize. Like recently our anniversary weekend in Limburg. This gives a special feeling because you are seen as an individual. You are not one of many like in a multinational environment,” Micha says. He has experienced this differently at previous employers.

Looking to the future

“I have gone through several steps in my career and achieved a lot. I am a loyal person and want to be involved with content for the next few years. That’s how I do what I really enjoy. I like variety. I like to look at the complete business process. With my increasingly developed knowledge in the field of OutSystems, I enjoy being deployed on complex projects. My goal is to work with my colleagues to strategically put OutSystems on the map. Just as we are now the specialist for Documentum, I also favor us in the lead for OutSystems. Thus, we create real impact on business processes with our knowledge of intelligent information management. With our YPA, we are well on our way to securing that OutSystems knowledge. I am happy to continue contributing to that and look forward to the next anniversary.”

OutSystems just like Italian cuisine

“Basically, I live OutSystems. It is a clear platform in which, with the right knowledge, you can very quickly create something very beautiful. I sometimes compare OutSystems to Italian cuisine. With a few simple ingredients, you are able to create fresh, high-quality dishes. But you still need a chef who knows what to do in what order. I see us as the chef to the chef. We are the stable factor for the citizen developer but also in DevOps teams. We unburden and take the time-consuming or complex work out of their hands. Because the solution must integrate well, be secure and scalable. That seems simple but it is not. The economies of scale that this brings, while the quality of information management remains secured, is why customers find us. Here’s to more great years to come.”

Want to know more about working at Informed Group?

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