We are working hard on a new release of DQL Buddy. That is promising. Because the tool migrates to a new technology, among other things. Namely JavaFX. This makes even more functionalities possible. We will be sharing these functionalities soon. For that reason we keep it exciting for a while.

Indispensable free toolkit

DQL Buddy is indispensable for every technician who works with Documentum. It is a versatile toolkit. To support and facilitate your work. Because of all these functionalities and facilities in one place, DQL Buddy is necessary for the Documentum developer, administrator and consultant. And what makes it completely unique? This handy tool is free for all Documentum users.

What does DQL Buddy do?

Just like the Swiss army knife, DQL Buddy offers practical functions. By way of illustration: The tool can easily be used to perform DQL queries. You use many DQL queries over and over again or with a minimal adjustment. That’s why DQL Buddy has a library of DQL queries. This makes it easy to find executed queries. And adjust. This way you build a personal collection of frequently used queries and other assignments. It is also a simple tool to complete an xCP installation, for example with the ScriptRunner functionality. Knowing more?

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