SPA4D Visual User Guide


Use the Browse App part to browse through Documentum folders and documents, or to quickly access a list of documents using a DQL query.


The Search App part can be used to find documents in Documentum, using a combination of full-text and property criteria.
The result list can be grouped, sorted and filtered, so you can quickly find the documents you are looking for.
Multiple search scopes can be defined to tailor the search experience to different needs.


The Inbox App part shows your personal Documentum task list. You can work with tasks and their attachments directly in this App part.
Tasks are grouped by status, so the tasks that you are working on are at the top of the list.
The task priority is visualized using colors red (high), yellow (normal) and green (low). High priority tasks are at the top.
The notification area shows your Documentum notifications.