Managing the full lifecycle of information for formal meetings is complex. These can be weekly meetings of the Mayor and Aldermen, the Municipal Council or the C-level board meetings for a large company.
These meetings are very formal. Not only about how the agenda is drawn up, but also about the process before a motion can be placed on the agenda. Some motions reflect a certain urgency and will go through a variation of the process. Every now and then someone literally brings a file under his or her arm to the meeting. Maybe because of confidentiality, maybe because 5 minutes before the meeting the world was turned upside down. And all of this must be reflected in the final agenda.

During the meeting, one motion is approved without further discussion. Another leads to a long debate or is even postponed. But what if the person submitting the motion is suddenly absent? Do these motions move to the next meeting? Each type of result leads to its own follow-up process.
That follow-up includes publishing the outcome. And let’s not forget the archiving challenge.

  • Controlled filing structure

  • Content not only hidden in documents but as (meta) data

  • Flexible approval process for files and agenda

  • Structured agenda

  • Transparent decision-making and access to results

  • Expandable through configuration and integration

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