Managing information stored in your own document management system is safe and secure. However, this is often insufficient to be able to do business. The sales organization wants to be able to share information with partners and with potential customers. However, this should not be at the expense of intellectual property.

Traditional solutions add a high level of security at the expense of ease of use. And in such a way that the user finds other ways to share that information. Via the email. Via a USB stick. Or via a File-Sync-and-Share solution such as WeSendIt. These are all ways that do exactly what the end user needs: sharing information. This is precisely the way in which too much information can end up in the wrong hands.

With Knowledge Protector we offer a happy medium. Excellent security that does not come at the expense of ease of use. A solution where the need to be able to share the information is a starting point.

  • Rights management under control of your DMS

  • Access is temporary with start and end date

  • Restrict access to trusted locations

  • User-friendly Rights Management

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