Informed Group has provided KLM a user-friendly information hub using SharePoint Foundation 2013.

Every year, KLM transports more than 25 million passengers. About three quarters of those people are using Schiphol Airport, KLM’s home base, as a transfer point. Transfer passengers, who are growing in number, use Schiphol to leave one plane and board another to fly on to their destination. For other passengers, Schiphol is their starting point or destination.

With Air France, KLM is at the forefront of the European airline industry. Offering reliability and a healthy dose of Dutch pragmatism, 32.000 KLM employees work to provide innovative products for their customers, and a safe, efficient, service-oriented operation with a proactive focus on sustainability. Customer Insight is the KLM department responsible for the customer centric approach of KLM. It delivers tools, guidelines to support employees in their customer contacts, and reports to measure the impact of their efforts and customer satisfaction.


The Customer Insight department offers a lot of information. However, that information was scattered and often shared inefficiently. Reports were monthly sent by email. This resulted in spending a lot of time on sharing information and ensuring that the latest information arrived wherever and whenever it was needed. To create a more efficient situation, an internal information hub was desired. Since KLM has a SharePoint Foundation 2013 platform, the choice to use that platform was obvious. However, SharePoint Foundation brings significant limits compared to other SharePoint environments. Moreover, KLM had Internet Explorer 8 as its default browser, although it offers the possibility to install other brands of browsers. On other words: how do we provide a solution that supports a variety of browsers including an older browser as ‘limited’ as Internet Explorer 8?

Another challenge was the fact that the department requesting the Customer Insight hub did not have any experience using a platform such as SharePoint. Finally, they didn’t exactly know how an information hub implemented on a SharePoint platform could look like. To make this project a success advice on the best practices around implementing a project on SharePoint Foundation was therefore needed.

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    To overcome these challenges and end up with a site that would fully match the expectations, the project was executed in an agile way. Over the span of the project, new insights and feedback from users lead to multiple improvements and additions, resulting in a more complete product. resulting in a more complete product.

    One of the additions made, was the implementation of custom filter options to support user experience. Furthermore, a custom theme was created to improve recognizability for users. And of course, all solutions support the range of browsers, from Internet Explorer 8, up to the most recent versions of Firefox and Chrome.

    Using best practices SharePoint Foundation limitations were evaded by clever use of the available configuration options without a loss of functionality.


    To provide a truly customer centric experience, KLM now has an internal communication channel where all employees have structured insights into data collecting about how to deliver such an experience to the customer. The user-friendly information hub, using SharePoint Foundation 2013, offers a front-end which is also easy for getting better insight from data. Because communication has become easier and less time consuming through our solutions, KLM has now made its organization more efficient and cost-effective.

    “Informed Group is able to deliver on time and according to schedule in a very professional way. All activities are done in close consultation and with respect to the customer’s interests. This makes Informed Group a very reliable partner.”

    Project Leader KLM – Information Services


    Bestuursdienst Amsterdam

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