The Intergovernmental organisation is a permanent and independent court for the prosecution of persons suspected of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. The criminal court was set up in The Hague.


File compilation and custody are very significant during hearings. File sizes are huge and must be continuously updated and heavily secured. Filing evidence, the burden of evidence and hearings of witnesses is a matter of meticulous car.

So it was decided to acquire a Documentum xCP solution as basis for this customer’s own solution. Optimal use requires extensive technical knowledge about functional Documentum xCP management. How can the organisation continue to develop and become self-supporting in application development? Is there some form of schooling that not only caters for its functional managers, but also supports its architects, database managers, developers and stylers?


In 2020 the intergovernmental organisation first approached OpenText. As in the Netherlands we are the largest and most experienced implementation partner of OpenText Documentum, this question was passed on straight to us. We started by studying the organisation in detail, observing the way in which Documentum was applied. We also closely listened to additional wishes and demands. The solution was found in a customised training course for all persons involved, geared in full to the solution that was currently in use with them. Starting with Documentum Fundamentals. followed by Architecting Documentum Applications, xCP Designer, xCP Developer and completed by Documentum Administration. Training sessions were arranged in-house, and ultimately on-line due to the corona pandemic.

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    Thanks to this customised training course, the ICT-team involved at ICC now know a great deal more about the functional management and independent development of desired applications within the customer’s own environment. When training was completed, the knowledge acquired could instantly be put into practice. Now there is a great deal more to be retrieved from Documentum xCP. This intensive collaboration has yielded mutual trust; a firm basis which will certainly be used for further building on.

    “A great experience to be able to work with such a diversity of incredibly skilled people. If ever we question the capacity of people from varying countries to work as one, we must refer to them as a perfect example of this possibility.”

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