SPA4LS – SharePoint Add-in for Life Sciences

Are you looking for a way to combine the freedom of Sharepoint with the controlled Life Science Industry? Do you have a lot of third party users that occasionally need to have access to Standard Operating Procedure? Maybe you regularly need to exchange content with CRO’s to approve and test trails. Some users might just want to use the possibilities of the SharePoint/Office365 platform; a few examples where SPA4LS could help your business and colleagues.

SPA4LS is the SharePoint connector for your Documentum Life Sciences Suite (LSS), the highly rated industry solution that implements the DIA EDMS and eTMF reference models right out-of-the-box. SPA4LS smoothly connects Office365 / SharePoint to your LSS Platform. It makes the subset of all the content you select available within the Documentum business rules, controls, security and compliancy that you have configured.

You will no longer have to train users in how to handle a more complex EDMS. SPA4LS allows you to give your external partner a controlled SharePoint environment where they can exchange information with you. It gives you control over the information that is shared with and received from your partner, thereby lowering your company risks.

All in all, SPA4LS takes care of communication and sharing within the company and with third parties.

  • Present, search and interact with content without migrating it.
  • Fully compatible with the LS Suite metadata models.
  • Transfer documents from SharePoint to your LS Suite and automatically apply all your LS business rules.

SPA4LS is a Microsoft and OpenText approved SharePoint Add-in that works both on-premise and in the cloud (Office365). It connects to any LS Suite installation and configuration is simple. You control what information is displayed and the possibilities a user has. SPA4LS is a perfect mediator that makes a relation between your SharePoint and Life Sciences work.

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