MDPT (Metadata Publishing Tool)

Any Documentum solution is built to support a collection of business requirements and hold information that users need to perform several procedures. This varies from supporting case management to any other form of intensive information process.

Within this system, users interact to inform each other or to validate information. But what if you need to extract information and use it to create new content? For example, the business needs to create reports or meeting minutes for board meetings, based on the user actions or automated calculations in the application. Or letters are send and the recipients need to be based on information extracted from Documentum.

For this kind of business requirements Informed Products has created the Metadata Publishing Tool (MDPT). This product can extract information from your Documentum solution and create PDF content in any desired format. The format of such PDF content can be configured to support the organizational needs. MDPT can merge information that is stored as Documentum metadata with HTML formatted text stored as Documentum content.

Key benefits of MDPT are:

  • Easy implementation within the Documentum eco system
  • No limit on pre-defined document templates
  • Output is custom fit to organizational requirements

MDPT can be used as a standalone application or as a Java Service in Documentum xCP. In both cases, implementation of MDPT requires an understanding of:

  • The Documentum object model
  • The Documentum application development
  • The XML and XSLT formats

It is also possible to incorporate your change management procedures. It will only take a few hours to technically implement MDPT in a Documentum solution. The full business implementation time is defined by the organizational requirements and the amount of desired output definitions. This requires deep knowledge about Documentum and XSLT. Because this skillset is not always available in an organization, the consultants of Informed Consulting have been trained to work with you to successfully implement MDPT in your organization.

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