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Managing information full circle for formal meetings is complex. That can be meetings of a mayor and the board of alderman on a weekly basis, of the C-level
board meeting for a multinational. These meetings are often times very formal. Not only on how the agenda is prepared but also on the process before a motion can be proposed to the agenda. Some motions reflect a certain urgency and will go through a variation of the process. Once in a while someone brings a case to the table that was literally carried under his armpit when entering the room. Maybe because of confidentiality, maybe because the world just turned upside-down 5 minutes before the meeting. And all of this needs to be reflected in the final agenda.

During the meeting, one motion will be approved without further discussion. Another leads to a long debate or even gets postponed. But what if the bearer of the motion suddenly is absent? This this transfer these motions into the next meeting? Each type of result leads to its own follow-up process.
That follow-up includes publishing the outcome. Not to forget the challenge of preservation.

Rather then building your own bespoke solution to meet all needs or an off-the-shelf product that can’t fulfil all requirements, it requires flexible case composition. Legislation Builder is just that.

Legislation Builder is a business solution that leverages the technical capabilities of the OpenText Documentum xCP Case Management platform. The solution behaves like any Documentum xCP application. It provides role based access to the documents as well as business objects in Documentum through a localized user interface with configurable vocabulary. The deployment architecture will fit your preferred scenario. Typical scenarios include: cloud, hybrid, and on-premise.

Motion Preparation

Create a secure case for each motion. Provide the characteristics and contextual information through in-line rich text, plain text as well as attachments. Assign the users. Select the type of process that will prepare it for submission on the agenda.

Agenda Builder

Build the agenda sequence as well as the agenda for each individual meeting. Select those motions that will be discussed and voted on. Select those that will be hammered. Prepare the guest list and attendance sheet. Have the agenda approved and distributed

Processing Votes

During the meeting, all votes – and of course all other relevant notes that make the meeting minutes – are processed. Based on the voting results, the case continues its life. Maybe it needs an update before being discussed again. Maybe its the permit for execution of the underlying subject

Quality Control

Only motions that meets your quality standards will be submitted for the agenda. Approvers are provided with all the information they need for their approval. Be it managerial or domain specific (e.g. finance). Included is a deadline to ensure that the agenda is build and approved on time.

Ease of Use

Technology has become a commodity to users. They expect certain behaviour, certain usage comfort. With the BYOD-wave, the expectation from users has increased to a level that is very well understood by Microsoft Office 365. That experience is now also available for Documentum content.


Because no Documentum implementation is the same, it is possible to expand the product to neatly fit any environment. Include it in an xCP process. Combine it with InforArchive or AppWorks or connect it to your Office 365 platform.

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