Privacy Policy for SPA4D, the SharePoint Add-in for Documentum

Cookies, sessions & local storage

SPA4D does not store information in cookies. The information you enter into our SharePoint-apps, may be stored in a non-persistent session or in persistent HTML 5 local storage. You can turn these storage mechanisms on or off in your browser settings.

Collection of information

SPA4D does not collect personally identifiable information. We may collect information concerning the number of downloads of our application. Even in these cases we will not be able to identify you personally as a user of our application.

Sharing of information with third parties

Some of the information you enter into our application may be shared with external services, such as OpenText Documentum, to provide you with the desired functionality. In these cases the privacy policy of the external service supplier is applicable. Apart from the information you enter into our application, we will share no information about you with third parties.

Informed Group Privacy Policy

Please read the Informed Group Privacy Policy for all matters beyond SPA4D.