This week is really all about OutSystems. OutSystems is the # 1 Low-Code Platform for digital transformation. This low-code development platform provides everything you need to build, deploy, manage and change Enterprise apps at lightning speed. As a partner of OutSystems we are able to help our customers digitally transform their organization and markets in a successful way. That’s why this week so much attention for OutSystems.

OutSystems Partner Kick Off event

First of all, a number of colleagues will participate in the annual OutSystems Partner Kick Off event this Wednesday and Thursday, February 24 and 25.. #PKO2021. We are ready for it. It is interactive and educational. Always fascinating to learn what the new go-to-market strategy will be and what role we will play as a partner in this. In addition to various executive keynotes, we will be informed about the roadmap for two days. Such as: What new releases are planned? When are which certifications and specializations available? With this inspiring knowledge and expertise, we ensure that our customers continue to develop beneficially from this partnership for a continuously changing environment.

OutSystems consultant

This week we also met an OutSystems developer who would like to get in touch with us because she is looking for a new challenge in her work. It is very nice to hear that our website appealed to this OutSystems consultant. For that reason she wants to talk to us.

OutSystems is the # 1 Low-Code Platform for digital transformation

Finally, and certainly worth mentioning, from this week onwards we can start working for a large municipal customer to realize our business solution OutSystems for EIM. We have really noticed that the demand for a low-code platform to build Enterprise apps at lightning speed is increasing. With OutSystems, complex systems and data sources can be adapted faster and more efficiently to market demands. The ever-changing world simply requires an accelerated digital transformation. On to a successful OutSystems week because OutSystems is the # 1 Low-Code Platform for digital transformation. Gathering, meeting and developing knowledge. How nice!

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  • OutSystems is the # 1 Low-Code Platform for digital transformation.

About the Author: Serge Leclercq

Serge Leclercq
As Senior Sales Executive, Serge is responsible for the sale of our Business Solutions and Products and is also the point of contact for the deployment of our consultants.

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