The current market requires application development with a short time-to-market, excellent quality, good performance, 24/7 availability and an agile work process. With our Automated Test Framework (ATF) solution, you can automate test activities quickly, easily and effectively. This way you limit risks and immediately determine whether products meet the requirements. Learn more about how to test reliably, thoroughly and quickly automatically.

Perform faster, more frequent and accurate testing activities

Testing is a challenge on every project. It takes a lot of time and manpower that puts deadlines at risk or even postpones them. Especially in this age of agile working, testing only becomes more extensive and important. If you do a release to the production environment every two weeks, at least you want it to break nothing. Accelerate digital transformation and make sure you automate some of the testing. You can test thoroughly, quickly and automatically with Automated Test Framework (ATF).

How exactly does the solution work

With our Automatic Test Framework you can fully test Documentum (xCP) applications without even one human hand. This can be done on-demand. So when you feel the need to test your application yourself or fully automated at a predetermined time. At night, for example, if the system is not used anyway. Reports are generated automatically and are ready for you the next morning. Complete with screenshots and possibly even videos when something didn’t go right. And if desired, a bug report can even be created automatically in JIRA. Or a warning email to the developers with the message that they need to look directly at something.

Usefulness and necessity of correct test automation

One of the disadvantages of most automatic testing tools on the market is that often only the front end is tested. Very useful of course, but you want certainty that all the information in the backend is also well processed. With our Automated Test Framework solution, you can test both front-end and back-end. And there’s more to test. For example, do you want to know if a metadata field has a certain value? Or that a workflow has been started? Is the lifecycle really in a certain state? You can test all this during this ATF (automatic) test. This makes your tests even more reliable and you only encounter bugs in what you have not tested when you bring your application to the production environment.

Learn more

Accelerate the requested digital transformation and get the best out of our Automated Test Framework. Upgrade faster by automating those slow, complicated, resource-intensive manual testing. This way you limit the risks and quickly repair the adjustment problems with immediately visible test results. Request more information about our automated test framework business solution via the button below. We’re happy to explain.

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