Largest and most experienced implementation partner for OpenText Documentum

Informed Group has won the tender to provide Documentum xCP services. This is for the Judicial Workflow Platform Implementation project. For this we applied the technology of one of our partners. Namely OpenText Documentum. We are of course very proud of this result. It is a nice recognition of the good work that has been done by the colleagues involved. That is why we are also looking forward to working with this International Criminal Court (ICC).

Delivery Documentum xCP services

The International Criminal Court is a permanent and independent court for prosecuting individuals suspected of war crimes. In addition, this court also applies to crimes against humanity and genocide. This International Criminal Court (ICC) is not part of the United Nations. It does cooperate with this. The court is located in The Hague. The Documentum xCP services provided by us fit very well within the tender won for International Strathof. After all, it is not without reason that we are the largest and most experienced implementation partner for OpenText Documentum.

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  • Won tender for Documentum xCP services

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