We continuously improve DQL Buddy to solve problems, improve performance and add new features. DQL Buddy is our FREE comprehensive toolkit that supports and facilitates your daily work with Documentum. The new release DQL Buddy 1.4.0-b2. is now available.

Improvements made in new release:

  • Fixed bug: Delete Object dialog box not displayed when selecting “Delete Object…” from context menu;
  • Fixed error: Changes to the document name in the Object Import dialog box are not detected;
  • Fixed bug: “Value to clipboard” only retrieves value from the first selected cell on the selected row in the Repositor Browser and the DQL query tab;
  • Fixed error: all changes to an object on a Dump tab are performed on the object in the Dump tab that was last opened when multiple Dump tabs are open;
  • Fixed error: result of a DQL query on the Run DQL tab is not always displayed;
  • DQL and API script tabs now include Clear Script and Clear Console buttons instead of just Clear which clears everything at once
  • ScriptRunner script and log fields include zoom buttons to increase/decrease font size
  • Display improved performance on the Group Member Structure tab.

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New: As of today, we would also like to meet you as a user of DQL Buddy on the LinkedIn group “DQL Buddy by Informed Group”. That’s the place where you can talk to developers, report bugs, discuss requirements, and get help using DQL Buddy.
The address of the forum is: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12627228/

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  • New release DQL Buddy

About the Author: Ed Steenhoek

Ed Steenhoek
Ed is manager Business Solutions at Informed Group and a Management Team member by virtue of this role. He is also on the Leadership Team, the technical thinktank of Informed Group. Ed is moreover a highly valued member of the AIIM Leadership Council

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