A carefully weighed decision: continuing to evolve.
In the past year Informed went through a series of developments that marked the outset of the new direction we have chosen to follow for the years to come.

More and more companies invite Informed to accompany them on the road to digital transformation. We have succeeded, thanks to our consultants – each of them experts in their fields – our tailor-made solutions and our products.

To anchor our readiness for the future we decided to join all our activities under a new name: Informed Group.
We consider this trade mark as the best way for matching our full consultancy with the products we are developing right now.

New website

Apart from a new website, these thrilling changes also call for a new logo. Tell us about your views!

We are still Informed

Needless to say we are still the Informed you have come to know and rely on. Our service, expertise and quality will invariably be excellent and will be improved wherever possible. We are still “Connecting People to the Enterprise” and would be honoured to accompany you on your next steps.

Informed Group is ready for the future. As CEO of this group I am proud to announce this step as the first on a new journey made by Informed.

Best regards,
Jeroen Jansen, CEO Informed Group

About the Author: Jeroen Jansen

CEO/Founder Informed Consulting BV/Informed Group. A visionair to help make your information management (EIM) a success.

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