Simply use our pre-configured software for producing your own, secure Enterprise Apps and making them available to your users. Desktop and mobile solutions that help you materialise your ambition: to stimulate innovation and increase the value of information. Retrieve the maximum from all available data, together with us. Without being dependent on ICT-specialists. How plausible is the notion that we demonstrate this result to end-users within two weeks?

Quick implementation, workable solution
We realise this with our Low Code solutions. The advantages implied are a reduction in manual programming, time gained and short ‘times-to-market’ Avoid wasting time on information systems and work processes. Comply with expectation management and bridge the gap between you and your end-users. So that you create value for the benefit of your own people, customers and suppliers. And thanks to governance you can also prevent shadow-IT. Now you and your organisation can avoid gaps in the architecture of the application portfolio and build and market your products quickly.

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About the Author: Ed Steenhoek

Ed Steenhoek
Ed is manager Business Solutions at Informed Group and a Management Team member by virtue of this role. He is also on the Leadership Team, the technical thinktank of Informed Group. Ed is moreover a highly valued member of the AIIM Leadership Council

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