Last Thursday, July 30, was an important day for the Young Professional Academy class of the first batch in 2022. The Young Professionals involved, Rudy, Jeffrey and Elyas, had to give a presentation of their final assignment that day. With the goal of obtaining their own YPA certification.

Final assignment Young Professional Academy certificate

For this, they had been given two weeks to create their own application in OutSystems for a virtual customer. Rudy needed to develop a system for a real estate agency where they could manage their homes, appraisals and bids. Jeffrey built an application in which he had to manufacture a lease car management application for a consulting company and Elyas was allowed to build a ticketing system for a municipality.

Wonderful OutSystems application

After some long days and evenings of hard work, Rudy, Jeffrey and Elyas each succeeded in building three beautiful applications. This is a great achievement because realizing an OutSystems application in two weeks is obviously far too short to deliver everything perfectly, finish it nicely and get it exactly the way you want it.

Obtaining Young Professional Academy certificate

Thanks to this great result during the final presentations, all three achieved their YPA certificate with fervor. This memorable moment also marked the end of their probationary period. Therefore, we are proud to mention that we have added three new colleagues to our permanent staff. All three will join us as Junior EIM consultants.

Congratulations to Rudy, Jeffrey, and Elyas!

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