Once a major analyst organization declared that the fate of the programmer was sealed. This was because of the thought that there would be no need for this in the future. We know that a lot has changed for programmers, but we still can’t manage to operate without them. Will low-code integrations remain an art?

Is low-code ready for the big challenge?

Part of the no-code versus low-code discussion is that any end user or citizen developer in the business can meet all their needs with no-code. That this is not the case, anyone who delves more deeply into it and looks beyond what is visible on the surface knows. Because if you look closely, in an enterprise an application, which goes beyond the quick fix without any integration, is extremely rare. This is because bringing together information from multiple sources is precisely what adds significant value to the business.

Low-code integrations

With the technological evolution we have seen over the past few decades, you would expect that we would now have a more elegant solution to solve the integration problem. But the reality is that integrations in particular are still one of the most challenging areas of application development. There are several reasons for this. Reasons that we also see recurring in practice.

Low-code integrations an art? Read more about it in this blog from OutSystems: The Art of Integrations.

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  • The art of low-code integrations

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