We are still enjoying our top people who took over from CEO Jeroen Jansen for a day. Nourdin and Akaran were given the challenge of helping to think through how the office will once again become an attractive place to work for our employees after corona. This took place during the lightning workshop of JINC Boss of Tomorrow.

Actionable ideas

In a presentation to the Management Team, the bosses pitched great executable ideas. Super thanks guys. We’ll get to work on it!

What is JINC Boss of Tomorrow?

JINC believes that every child has talent. Also the hundreds of thousands of children in the Netherlands who grow up in an environment with a lot of socio-economic disadvantage. JINC fights for a society where your background does not determine your future. For a Netherlands where every child has equal opportunities. Together with education and business, JINC gives these children a chance for a better future.

During JINC Boss of Tomorrow on June 1 and 2, hundreds of children experienced what it is like to be the boss. With this lightning internship, they make valuable contacts for life. And these children see what it’s like at a company. It’s a Lightning trip that shows the world how important it is to invest in the future. We are happy to contribute to this with Informed Group. Not only during the Boss of Tomorrow, but also with job interview training and the Digital Skills projects.

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About the Author: Nicole van Rij

Nicole is Sales Manager bij Informed Group en neemt vanuit die rol deel aan het Management Team. Zij is tevens mentor en playful leader en vanuit het maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen is zij een verbindende factor die haar team inspireert en kinderen motiveert. Vanuit het oogpunt van Diversity and Inclusion probeert zij (jonge) vrouwen te bewegen om actief deel te nemen in het digitale werkveld.

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