We’re proud. Know why? First of all, because we always like to share good news. Secondly, because there has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes in the past period. This has made us achieve something beautiful. That has everything to do with our website. We have been working on the redesign of the .com website. So that we also have our current affairs and articles available for our international relations. It’s been live since this week. For example, an interactive homepage. With which we show in an overview who we are, what we do and what we are concerned with.

Proud of English website

Just like our customers, we are of course also happy to challenge our international relations. So that we get maximum return from all available data. For example, with our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions. Such as user-friendly interfaces, clear apps and efficient connections between systems. With which we realize a working environment that is flexible, safe and logical. For our customers. And of course also the users of this environment. With this we support the needs of these users. Without compromising on the working method, rules and guidelines of the organization. It makes sense!

In summary, we contribute to the digital transformation. To work, learn, live and experience. We do this by creating better bonds between organisations and their users: workers, customers and suppliers.

Redesign .comwebsite Informed Group

Of course, this website has also been put in a fresh jacket. For this we listened to what customers say about us. The bottom line is that they find us personal, reliable and competent. That compliment is therefore the basis for everything you find on this website. We talk about our solutions. our consultancy, our all-in solutions, products and training.

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  • Redesign .com website Informed Group

About the Author: Serge Leclercq

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As Senior Sales Executive, Serge is responsible for the sale of our Business Solutions and Products and is also the point of contact for the deployment of our consultants.

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