The Netherlands is in a “top position” worldwide when it comes to payments for ransomware to release information again. Unfortunately, not a position we should be very proud of. Therefore, secure your information with Information Rights Management (IRM).

Cybercrime is exploding
We also see that the terrible pandemic has caused an upward trend in the number of Dutch companies and multinationals that are affected by cybercrime. Where 696 incidents were registered with the police in March, there were 870 in April and no less than 1,869 in May 2020. In recent months, this number has only grown exponentially. Fighting these criminal attacks is not easy.

source: VPNGids

The first step, of course, is to make it difficult for criminals to break into the information. So ensure good device security and clear explanation and control. For example, train the resilience of the users of the ICT resources by means of social engineering to prevent cyber criminal attacks as much as possible.

But unfortunately that does not end the stocking. In addition to the control at the door, it is essential that the company critical information behind that door is also very well protected. Both for the risks of information hijacking as well as the risk of resale or disclosure of trade secrets.

Information security
. We see around us that the demand for good and especially reliable and simple security, of the information stored in the company critical documents, is increasing very sharply. Not only access to the document must be properly secured. The information contained in the documents must also be secure: Who can read it? How much time does the person have to read it? Always or just a few days or weeks? Where can the person read it? Only on the company network or also on the train?

I have traveled for years between Utrecht and Heerlen by train. And if, like me, you have the luxury to travel 1ste class then you are between the managers of Essent (stop Den Bosch) and Philips (stop Eindhoven). I have always been amazed at the information that I unintentionally took in. I heard and read more information about these companies than I would like or was legal.

Information Rights Management
Demand for Information Rights Management (IRM) is skyrocketing due to these strange times. With the possibilities within Microsoft Azure (Azure Rights Management) and the tools such as Knowledge Protector, it is now easy to have the company information stored in the central repositories properly and easily provided with any desired level of information security..

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