Thanks to the ever-changing challenges, companies need a clear information structure. Which is also safe and smooth. Because companies constantly have to adapt quickly. By managing information well, you respond smartly to changes. What is the key to a successful organization? Find and use the right information. For this reason, information is indispensable for innovation. This contributes to happy employees and customers. This results in a healthy and profitable organization. At the same time, errors in data and customer information create a bad reputation for an organization. Think, for example, of a data breach. As recently with the GGD. Or not complying with the regulations. The proper design of the Information Management is therefore necessary.

What is information management?

Do you want to use modern techniques as an organization? Such as robotic process automation or machine learning. Then you have to be able to rely on your information. Because it has to be complete. Both quantitatively and qualitatively. Initially , the emphasis was placed on classifying information with metadata. It is this metadata that plays an important role in this. Fortunately, technological development has ensured that this can be added mainly automatically. In addition, it is very much needed. Because we no longer all work with the information at the same workplace and at the same time. As a result of the corona crisis, working from home accelerated.

Accessibility of information

It seems so logical. That everyone works with the right version of information. Nevertheless, setting up Information Management properly is quite a task. In the past, computers were mainly used for calculations. By way of illustration, information was put on paper. And then processed by archivists. Now that computers are indispensable, the line between ICT and the business has disappeared. Because information is created and exchanged faster. Information management helps to keep up with the latest developments. And align ICT systems with the processes and archiving. Information Management connects automation and the business. That’s because it builds a bridge between systems and processes. To mainly create and manage unstructured information. Within different departments of an organization.

Enterprise Information Management

Information Management is a concept with multiple meanings. That’s why we usually talk about Enterprise Information Management. Because a good design is really only possible when it covers the entire organization. For this we offer our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions. With this we ensure an environment that is flexible, safe and logical. For both our customers and the users of this environment. In short, the proper design of the Information Management contributes to the digital transformation of the organization.

Need help setting up good Information Management?

Please feel free to contact us. To make sure everyone works with the right version of information. That is why we are happy to help with a good design of Information Management. For this reason, for example, we are happy to explain why good Information Management is indispensable.

Want to know more about Information Management?

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