At one of our clients, the SharePoint production environment does not have the option available for uploading multiple documents. Since we had to upload 100+ PDF documents, I found a solution to work around this, because the functionality is not disabled but only hidden!

Step 1:

Go to the document library where you want to upload your files.

For example:

Step 2:

Go to Settings  –  Document Library Settings

Step 3:

Go to  notepad and copy the GUID from this URL including List=

For example: List=%7B4CF11111%2D111B%2D1111%2D11EB%2D1111E12EADB1%1D

Step 4:

Copy the first part of your URL also to notepad, but without the name of the library (“PublishingImages” in this case)

For example:

Step 5:

Paste “_layouts/Upload.aspx?” behind the url, so you get this url (don’t forget the “?”)

For example:

Step 6:

Paste the GUID that you copied in step 3 behind the url (don’t forget that the GUID also has the “List=%” before it.

For example: List=%7B4CF11111%2D111B%2D1111%2D11EB%2D1111E12EADB1%1D

Step 7:

Paste “&MultipleUpload=1” behind the url.

For example: List=%7B4CF11111%2D111B%2D1111%2D11EB%2D1111E12EADB1%1D&MultipleUpload=1


This link brings you to the page ware you can upload multiple files at once to the PublishingImages  library!


Vincent Roos

SharePoint Consultant


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