Ed Steenhoek
Ed SteenhoekManager Business Solutions
Thought leader. Member of the AIIM Leadership Council. Member of the Informed Leadership Team.
Member of the Informed Group management team responsible for their Business Solutions.


The 2019 Summit Series topic is: Optimising Intelligent Information Management.

The Leadership Council is a professionally facilitated Task Force – Of the Industry – For the Industry. Designed for industry thought leaders, this intimate and exclusive summit series creates a dynamic space for conversations and collaboration with the goal of identifying industry opportunities, addressing gaps, and creating road maps to propel the industry forward. Join us to collaborate and share your vision.

With guidance from one of the world’s leading brand strategists, the summits address industry challenges and identify transformational solutions. The summit artefacts become the exclusive intellectual property of the Council members.

About AIIM

AIIM is believes that information is our most important asset. And they’ve always felt this way – even way back in 1943 when this community was formed as the National Micrographics Association.

Sure, the technology has come a long way since then, and the variety of the information objects we’re managing has changed a lot, but one tenet has remained constant: they’ve always focused on the intersection of people, processes, and information. As the Association for Intelligent Information Management, they help organisations put information to work.