Like AIIM, we believe that every organisation in the world is on, or should be on, a Digital Transformation journey. A company that has digitally transformed will benefit from enhanced customer experiences, improved business agility, and automated compliance. Giant leaps forward in technology and an explosion of data have complicated these efforts.
How effectively you navigate your Digital Transformation journey relies on how adept your organization is at combating the rising tide of information chaos. This requires new information management strategies and skills that extend beyond traditional ECM.
This modern approach is called Intelligent Information Management.

Join us at The AIIM Conference and develop the skills you need now and for the future. This annual event brings together over 600 attendees, from over 29 countries to attend presentations and take part in discussions on the best practices, current trends, and top issues facing the information management industry.

About AIIM

AIIM is believes that information is our most important asset. And they’ve always felt this way – even way back in 1943 when this community was formed as the National Micrographics Association.

Sure, the technology has come a long way since then, and the variety of the information objects we’re managing has changed a lot, but one tenet has remained constant: they’ve always focused on the intersection of people, processes, and information. As the Association for Intelligent Information Management, they help organisations put information to work.


Ed Steenhoek
Ed SteenhoekManager Business Solutions
Thought leader. Member of the AIIM Leadership Council. Member of the Informed Leadership Team.
Member of the Informed Group management team responsible for their Business Solutions.