DQL Buddy

DQL Buddy is a Documentum toolkit that was originally named SWTooly. The last stable version was distributed and used for some years on various projects in the Netherlands. Recently it has been upgraded and extended by Ernst Dijkstra from Informed Group.

There is no single reason for creating DQL Buddy, but the lack of support for the current versions of Documentum by DQLTester was an important driver. Ernst took the opportunity to further enhance the toolkit and package it as a distributable solution. After a period of testing on current projects, it is now released for free to the full Documentum community.

DQL Buddy is provided as is, without any warranty or support. Informed Group is not responsible for loss of data, money or other assets when using this toolkit.

In the wrong hands, this can be a dangerous tool. For example, be careful not to delete (all) data with a simple query or make other mistakes. When in doubt, don’t use it!!

If you feel competent you can download DQL Buddy now!

DQL Buddy

The next generation DQL Tester

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