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Geen betere manier om kinderen te inspireren het beste uit zichzelf te halen dan door ze een dag de touwtjes in handen te geven. JINC Baas van Morgen biedt vandaag en morgen honderden leerlingen van de basisschool en het vmbo die kans. We zijn trots en blij dat we ook meedoen. Op donderdag 2 juni staat onze CEO Jeroen Jansen zijn stoel af aan twee groep 8 kinderen van openbare basisschool Narcis-Queridom uit Amsterdam.

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No better way to inspire children to be the best they can be than by giving them a day to take charge. Today and tomorrow, JINC Boss of Tomorrow is offering hundreds of elementary and secondary school students that opportunity. We are proud and happy to participate as well. On Thursday, June 2, our CEO Jeroen Jansen will relinquish his chair to two Group 8 children from public elementary school Narcis-Queridom in Amsterdam.

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On Thursday morning, we pick up Nourdin (12 years old) and Akaran (11 years old) from their elementary school and take them to the main office in Woerden. From that moment on, they are the boss in our office. They join our meetings, have lunch with Today’s Boss, and conduct research. Children are always honest, which is why we would like their advice on how to set up our office. The question we ask them is: How does Informed Group get colleagues back to the office after working from home for a long time? Or, in other words, what needs to change in terms of office decor so that everyone has extra fun coming back to the office.

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For more than two years we have been proud partners of JINC. For example, we participate in the Digital Skills project in both the Utrecht and Amsterdam regions. During classes in school, we teach children to think like a computer. That’s why we’re thrilled to participate in the JINC Boss of Tomorrow project.

JINC Boss of TomorrowJINC believes that every child has talent. Also the hundreds of thousands of children in the Netherlands who grow up in an environment with a lot of socio-economic disadvantage. JINC fights for a society where your background does not determine your future. For a Netherlands where every child has equal opportunities. Together with education and business, JINC gives these children a chance for a better future. During JINC Boss of Tomorrow, hundreds of children experience what it’s like to be the boss. They make valuable contacts for life and see what it’s like at a company. It’s a Lightning trip that shows the world how important it is to invest in the future

We are greatly looking forward to the arrival of the children. Of course, we are eagerly awaiting the implementation of their research and are already looking forward to their honest advice. To be continued!


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